Saturday, December 26, 2020

Chef Lois turns 4


Chef Lois Turns 4| Picking a theme that specifically tailors to your child. 

 A party fit for a gal who loves to cook, and EAT!

 When deciding on a party of Lois during a pandemic, we know we'd lack the guest we love but I didn't want to slack on the theme. I searched the internet (Pinterest) for a theme that I loved but I couldn't find anything that was unique enough for Lois, something I know she would love. Thinking of all the things that a 4 year old loves can be overwhelming and honestly, there was a lot of options. But making sure to pick something that would make her eyes light up was a whole other thing. We had recently gotten a Pottery Barn Chelsea Kitchen and even before we got it, Lois has been a real cook. Making sock stews and cakes made of paper towel. We had begun filling her kitchen with actual toy food and it just clicked. But a cooking themed birthday was such a niche and I only found a couple of parties on Pinterest so we had to wing it. I say we because, I have friends. Very talented friends in the form of Movage Events. They helped me execute this idea and really made it come to life!

We focused the party in the two main areas in our home we knew we'd be, the dining room and the playroom.  We also wanted to maximize the amount of decor and detail in order to have a real impact. 

And as always, it's the details for me!

This sign was a perfect way to give her cake the shine it deserved. 

We'd used the same cake lady only one other time before this but she did so well with the decorating (not to mention the taste) that I knew she was up for the task. I was inspired by a similar cake on Pinterest. We just customized this one to match the chef costume that Lois would be wearing. 

Above her cake, we used the existing bulletin board in the playroom to display some of my favorite pictures of her. I just printed them right from my printer at home on regular printer paper. 

The play birthday cake was perfect for the centerpiece of the table. 

I added a printed picture of Lois to her chef card inside her chef apron for an extra special touch!

Every kid got a custom chef hat and a mustache. The chef hats and mustaches were from Party City and we placed their names on with stickers. They didn't stick the best but we didn't want to spend a lot of time or money on a hat that was pretty flimsy and disposable. 

The kids ate and played. If we had spent more time planning, we would have had the kids make little personal pizzas. We would have hoped to get some kid aprons for that but we weren't able to find any on such short notice. The party was a little spare the moment.

Lois had on a different apron here, custom made by our friend because I was sure her apron was not coming in the mail on time. It came the morning of the party but we still had to use it because it was just too cute!

They played with the new play food she received for her birthday and we called it good! The inside portion of the party was a success.

Because we live in Florida, a pool party in September is still on the table. They swam for what felt like half the day! 

Back inside for more cake and mustaches!

This party was fairly simple to put together and did not take a lot of time to plan. I'd say the hardest part would be the balloon garland if you aren't use to making them but nothing a YouTube video couldn't teach you!! Happy planning!!

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