Saturday, December 26, 2020

Chef Lois turns 4


Chef Lois Turns 4| Picking a theme that specifically tailors to your child. 

 A party fit for a gal who loves to cook, and EAT!

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Human Trafficking Awareness Month

Dear mainstream media,

Will you post this picture of me if I go missing? Or do I not make the cut for nationwide coverage of kidnapping? Will you explain to my children why no one cares to help find their mom? Will you explain to my husband that there's nothing you can do to help? HOW IS THIS HAPPENING?!!! Is no one else outraged that these innocent women and children are being taken and no one seems to bat an eyeball. HOW?!!!! I want to scream at the top of my lungs but even if I did, I feel my screams would fall on deaf ears. So I write this....

As I sit and watch the two hour Jeffery Epstein special, my heart breaks for these victims. Why are victims of sex trafficking not worth the attention of the news media? I can't help but be hurt by the complete absence of coverage for the thousands of black and brown women and children that are currently being snatched from society in silence daily. Thrust into sex slavery and the black market for the selling of organs, without so much of a blink from the news. The way I've been informed about the impending danger to me and my children is from social media. Social media, it's how I've learned how to be on alert. Social media is where I'm learning the tactics of sex traffickers targeting black women and children just like us. No two hour specials, no conversation on day time television, nothing, radio silence.

And the reason they've been able to take thousands of us? Because you refuse to tell our story, to post our pictures, to keep us safe. As a woman who has never considered carrying a gun, I am currently signing up for a concealed weapons permit to protect myself. Anxiety has come back into my life when I thought it had disappeared for good.

So what will you do this month? What responsibility will you take in trying to protect the women and children in this country? What agenda will you push? We can't count on you to tell our story, so I urge everyone to educate themselves on this incredibly sad epidemic. To know what to look for when spotting a potential victim. To be vigilant and stay safe. GET PRAYED UP and take action. Let's do anything we can to put pressure on our law makers to put these people away for life and get our girls home!!!

Mad and sad,


Saturday, January 4, 2020

Christmas 2019

This Christmas was so special for us. Moving back to Orlando and being able to spend Christmas with our family and friends. It was perfect! We spent Christmas Eve at my parents for our Christmas Eve dinner they do every year. We have been checking in via FaceTime for the last few years so it was great being there.