Sunday, July 7, 2019

Noelle's 1st Spring Break

If you are wondering what's happening around here, yep, it's me, just trying to kick this blog back off with catching up on ALL THE THINGS since I've been gone. So now I am posting Noelle's first real Spring Break back in March! We wanted to do something but knew it wouldn't be a big trip because we were headed for a cruise soon. So we decided to head up to South Dakota which was only a 6 hour drive from Denver. We figured we had to see Mount Rushmore sense we lived this close. Never would we ever be moving closer! First road trip as a family of 5!!

It was a little colder than we would have liked but it was perfect because the place was practically
empty. We didn't have to wait in line to see it or to take pictures. The only bad part about coming out of season is that there were so many other sites we couldn't visit because it wasn't quite warm enough.

Lois with the "no pictures please" pose. 

After we went and saw the mount, there was not much else to do, due to the seasonal closures. We set off for a nature ride that seemed to go on forever and a day but there was some excitement on the other end. 

 So, remember that one time when we got chased by a Bison!

You ever look up and you're shocked by how many kids you have? 

Hotel pool fun. 

We got up the next day and before heading back to Denver we hit Reptile World and again, not all the attractions were open but it was cool enough. 

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