Monday, July 8, 2019

5 Months of Minka

Someone got earrings!!! Following in her sister's foot steps, she got her ears pierced after her 4 month shots! She started sitting up in her Bumbo and her head control has gotten so much better. I cannot stop kissing her and her cheeks have filled to an amazing squishy consistency. The giggles have begun and they are the loudest for you know who, Noelle!! Baby giggles really are my favorite thing ever! Her two fingers are her favorite thing and teething rings are now a thing. We left her for a whole week while we took her big sisters on a cruise and she was amazing. She took the bottle great up until about day 6 and then she almost starved. J/K but she was definitely over it and wanting to nurse. 

Weight about 13 lbs

Apparently she was trying to sleep and the noise level was unbearable. HA! 

Minka's first Easter!! Outfit from Jamie Kay

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