Wednesday, July 3, 2019

2 Months of Minka

Ok, seriously guys, here we go!! I am so determined to get back into the blog game but I cannot go on without catching up on my Minka girl first. Month 2 for Minka was pretty rough! It involved a hospital stay which none of our girls have ever had. I also decided to stop edited all of the pictures on my blog. I want to remember my babies without filters and although some will be edited, most will not be.  

Minka was dedicated January 27th!

Days before she turned 2 months she landed in the ICU with RSV. We were admitted for 6 days. It was definitely one of the scariest things we've experienced as a family. Seeing her so helpless and sick was so awful. She also gave me her first big purposeful smile in the hospital. I was so happy to see it!!! Being a nurse and understanding everything that was happening was a blessing and a curse. When we arrived to the ED her temperature was lower than normal which prompted a "sepsis yellow", which started an entire series of events including the need for a lumbar puncture. Her respiratory rate was consistently in the 80's and 90's. She was getting worse before she got better. Unable to eat by mouth due to her respiratory status they had to place a feeding tube to give her my breastmilk. 

We was pretty close to being intubated if they couldn't get her breathing slowed. They gave her a sedative through her IV to calm her down which eventually worked so intubation wasn't on the table, thankfully. Although all together I absolutely hated the experience, it taught me several things. One of those things being that our community in Colorado was incredible. My work family showed up and completely loved on us and my church family was so supportive!!

Discharge day!

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