Monday, January 7, 2019

Minka's Fresh 48

This was our first time doing a 'Fresh 48' session and I am so happy we did! This is the day of our sweet girl's birth, December 10th, 2018. She was just about 7 hours old when these photos were taken. We planned for our photographer to come before big sisters arrived so she could capture their first meeting and it worked out perfectly and was beyond beautiful! How was this almost a month ago?

We were definitely riding a high this soon after she arrived. If you read her birth story then you know why! I felt amazing and even slapped on some makeup which I swore I wouldn't do.

I feel a little sad that we didn't do this for all of the girls but this time it was super special because of our family being complete. 

I couldn't keep my lips off her little face. Still can't believe this is my last baby!!

Lots of hair just like her big sisters.

This was the moment the sisters entered the room! I was so excited about their meeting. I was slightly nervous about how Lois might react being so young but we had talked about Minka joining our family for so long that I was hoping she'd be comfortable with the meeting. The reaction was better than expected and I recorded the whole thing.

Our nurse Karen escorted them in. 

 They loved her at first sight.

Lois went on the attack with her kisses immediately. My entire family can draw so many similarities between Lois and I in this area.

One for Mommy!

Noelle wanted to hold her as soon as she walked in the door. 

My heart is so FULL!

I can't begin to describe my gratefulness for my mom being in town with us during this time. She is just such a comfort for me. Loving, supportive, nonjudgemental and confident in the job she has done with me. She spent two weeks with us, cooking, cleaning, doing school drop off/pickup and just being there. She's done this with all three of our girls, just like her mother did for her and her siblings. I take so many notes from her and this time was no different. I want my girls to want me around, to want my help. God did me more than a solid by blessing me with her. 

Lois wanted her baby back!


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