Friday, January 11, 2019

1 Month of Minka

We are one month in with sweet Minka Q! It's been a busy month with all the holidays and the family we've had in town but things have slowed down a bit and we are getting into a routine. 

She is such a sleepy girl!! I feel like it took forever for her to become more alert. An alarm was being set every night to wake her up every 3 hours for the first 2 weeks. After leaving the hospital she dropped another ounce so we had a couple extra checkups for a weight check. Well, the chunk has started to come in and we are no longer concerned. 

LOVES: Being held, sleeping and being fed. 

HATES: Being moved after getting comfortable and mom picking her nose.

At her 2 week checkup up her weight was 6 lbs and 6 oz. She had gained more weight than they had hoped! The love from her sisters is overwhelming. Noelle requests to hold her everyday after school and Lois can't help but kiss her anytime her cheeks are near, just like mom. 

More pictures from the last month!

Her first bath didn't go over so well but her sisters were right there for emotional support. 

Christmas Day

Waiting for the New Year!

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