Friday, January 11, 2019

1 Month of Minka

We are one month in with sweet Minka Q! It's been a busy month with all the holidays and the family we've had in town but things have slowed down a bit and we are getting into a routine. 

Minka's Newborn Shoot + Christmas 2018 Family Shoot

If you're not over the baby spam, well here's more to feed your need! Minka's newborn shoot was done at day of life number five. Her shoot was not the easiest as she would not fall into a deep sleep for at least the first two hours. None of my girls have ever taken a pacifier and Minka is no different. We tried it and she was just not into it. She has been an awesome sleeper from day one but not for our shoot. She already looks so different now!! Ahh my baby <3

Monday, January 7, 2019

Minka's Fresh 48

This was our first time doing a 'Fresh 48' session and I am so happy we did! This is the day of our sweet girl's birth, December 10th, 2018. She was just about 7 hours old when these photos were taken. We planned for our photographer to come before big sisters arrived so she could capture their first meeting and it worked out perfectly and was beyond beautiful! How was this almost a month ago?