Monday, July 8, 2019

5 Months of Minka

Someone got earrings!!! Following in her sister's foot steps, she got her ears pierced after her 4 month shots! She started sitting up in her Bumbo and her head control has gotten so much better. I cannot stop kissing her and her cheeks have filled to an amazing squishy consistency. The giggles have begun and they are the loudest for you know who, Noelle!! Baby giggles really are my favorite thing ever! Her two fingers are her favorite thing and teething rings are now a thing. We left her for a whole week while we took her big sisters on a cruise and she was amazing. She took the bottle great up until about day 6 and then she almost starved. J/K but she was definitely over it and wanting to nurse. 

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Noelle's 1st Spring Break

If you are wondering what's happening around here, yep, it's me, just trying to kick this blog back off with catching up on ALL THE THINGS since I've been gone. So now I am posting Noelle's first real Spring Break back in March! We wanted to do something but knew it wouldn't be a big trip because we were headed for a cruise soon. So we decided to head up to South Dakota which was only a 6 hour drive from Denver. We figured we had to see Mount Rushmore sense we lived this close. Never would we ever be moving closer! First road trip as a family of 5!!

4 Months of Minka

Talking to or telling off her sisters, either way, the chatter is going down. She is a big growler and is tolerating the bottle much better than month 3. She is not sleeping through the night and still waking 2-3 times a night to feed. We thought by this point we'd be moving her into her room. The joke was totally on us!

3 Months of Minka

Minka came alive during month 3. Recognizing her hands and eating her fists, finding her voice and smiling big time for big sister. She would light up anytime Noelle talked to her. Now Lois is another story because Lord knows she is the most smothering. Minka is not old enough to box her but believe me you the love taps are coming!  

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

2 Months of Minka

Ok, seriously guys, here we go!! I am so determined to get back into the blog game but I cannot go on without catching up on my Minka girl first. Month 2 for Minka was pretty rough! It involved a hospital stay which none of our girls have ever had. I also decided to stop edited all of the pictures on my blog. I want to remember my babies without filters and although some will be edited, most will not be.  

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Noelle's 5th Birthday

How is this girl 5? And how am I just now posting this blog? Well, y'all already know how I do so no need to explain. Life has gotten pretty busy with adding another member to our family and now deciding to move back home to Orlando, so in an attempt to catch up I'm going to be posting updates on all these girls!

On January 31st, our girl turned 5 years old! I was happy to goodbye to 4 because it was quite the year with this little lady. The sass has been out of control and always fighting for the last word. The drama and water works were turned on almost daily. But we have already seen better days!!!

Noelle LOVES school and loves her baby sister even more. She is so helpful and is getting better at cleaning up after herself (with much promoting).

Friday, January 11, 2019

1 Month of Minka

We are one month in with sweet Minka Q! It's been a busy month with all the holidays and the family we've had in town but things have slowed down a bit and we are getting into a routine. 

Minka's Newborn Shoot + Christmas 2018 Family Shoot

If you're not over the baby spam, well here's more to feed your need! Minka's newborn shoot was done at day of life number five. Her shoot was not the easiest as she would not fall into a deep sleep for at least the first two hours. None of my girls have ever taken a pacifier and Minka is no different. We tried it and she was just not into it. She has been an awesome sleeper from day one but not for our shoot. She already looks so different now!! Ahh my baby <3

Monday, January 7, 2019

Minka's Fresh 48

This was our first time doing a 'Fresh 48' session and I am so happy we did! This is the day of our sweet girl's birth, December 10th, 2018. She was just about 7 hours old when these photos were taken. We planned for our photographer to come before big sisters arrived so she could capture their first meeting and it worked out perfectly and was beyond beautiful! How was this almost a month ago?