Wednesday, December 5, 2018

The Last

I'm having all the feels about this being the last baby I'll ever carry. I was just so happy and blessed to have conceived #3. I just wasn't sure we'd agree on having a third. I knew how much I wanted her since I was a child and now that this pregnancy is almost over I find myself thinking of all the lasts. The last time I'll feel these annoying Braxton Hicks, the last time I'll design a nursery, the last time I'll take a maternity pic. Thanks to the Found Shop Vintage I got some pretty cool, out of the box shots of me. 

Ending your child bearing years is a really strange feeling. Moving into an entirely new phase of life. Raising your family and no longer growing it. There are so many things to look forward to but I know that I will mourn every phase of this. That's why I've tried so hard not to wish this pregnancy along. Not hoping it would go faster, not replying that I'm "ready" or "done" when I'm asked. I've just tried to enjoy every day with this life inside of me. Now of course this comes from a woman who has super easy pregnancies with no complications and feels great throughout. Yes, I have the little aches and pains that come with the territory but really nothing to complain about (after the first trimester stomach aches). And because I'm friends with a lot of mamas I know it could always be worse.

Birthing a child is like no other experience there is. The sheer ecstasy of having your newborn placed on your chest is a feeling that cannot be described. The love, the adrenaline, the joy, the gratefulness, it's pretty addicting. I've had the age 32 attached to my last child for quite sometime. Vowing I'd be done having children by that age. I'm here right on target and knowing this is where God would have me be. Tj and I were married for just shy of 4 years before Noelle entered into our lives. We were able to enjoy so much before having children and I can't describe how blessed we've been since having these girls. This baby will surely bring us much change but we are so excited for the journey of raising 3 strong girls. 

This belly will be missed but I am over the moon about my heart growing another size once Minka enters this world. My little family will be complete and I know my heart will be content with her as my last. 

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