Friday, December 21, 2018

Minka's Birth Story

I forgot to take my week 38 pic in the midst of all the chaos of getting ready for the hospital. I turned 38 weeks on Saturday the 8th and we headed into the hospital for induction on Sunday night. So Sunday night I took this last pic of my last bump. 

The night of our induction was kind of surreal. I had been cleaning all day long, I literally could not stop. My mom and Tj mentioned that it wasn't a good idea to be exerting so much energy because of the journey that lie ahead but there was no stopping me. I deep cleaned the girl's room, cleaned ceiling fans, and cleaned our bedroom before finally feeling like it was clean enough for me to stop. My nesting was off the charts but I also realized it was the first time I had nested in a house of this size. 

This was our last pic as a family of four. 

Tj and I put the girls to bed and waited on the phone call from the hospital letting us know we could head in. 

We got an Uber to the hospital and I soaked in every moment, trying to bank the feelings I was having about doing this for the last time. Praise the Lord that this time around there was no disappointment surrounding the circumstances for how it was happening or the things that were out of my control. We actually requested this induction. I mean, an induction was imminate because she was still measuring small (11th percentile). Originally it would have been set for 39 weeks but because of my mom being here for 2 weeks, I wanted to have as much help possible while she was in town. But based on her size, the timing was perfect. We'll get there!

We arrived at the hospital just before 10pm on December 9th and got into a room very soon after. My nurse Gabrielle got us settled us and got my IV started. It was only one poke this time which was also an prayer answered. With Lois, there were four. I was GBS positive like always so antibiotics were needed before we really got things started. Unfortunately it would be Penicillin which burns like a mother but thankfully it wasn't as bad as the last time. I required two doses before the baby came and the doses were four hours apart, two doses was all I'd get. 

I was able to "rest" with my eyes closed until 2am which was the first dose of antibiotic. As I'm sure you could imagine the rest was not all that restful. I did try my hardest, knowing that the cleaning I had done earlier would not benefit me if this thing ran long. At 3:45am they hooked me up to the fetal monitor and confirmed with an ultrasound that she was still head down. 

At 4:23am my induction officially started. I was given the first dose of Cytotec to soften my cervix. From that point on I started having contractions. I was able to still sleep through most of them, though some would wake me and I'd have to concentrate on my breathing. 

My doctor came in and at 6:42am she broke my water and stripped my membranes. I was 1.5cm dilated and 60% effaced at that time. She let me know that she'd be across the street seeing patients but she'd run over when she needed to. She informed me that because this was baby #3 and unmedicated that things could go pretty fast. Especially since my last labor was 3 hours from the breaking of my water to birth. I knew this to be true and prayed for that to be so but I knew I'd need to take every contraction as it came and not get wrapped up in how long it was taking. I had Tj start diffusing some of my oils, I went with Peace & Calming and Citrus Fresh. 

The contractions immediately got more intense and I was ready to get up and out of the bed. The portable monitor needed to be charged and I was also finishing up my last dose of Penicillin so I'd need to stay in bed for a little bit longer. When the nurses came into our room to do shift report I was hooked up to the portable at around 7:20am. I got out of bed and headed for the bath tub. Tj had ordered breakfast so while I labored in the tub I tried eating an omelette (bad idea and I knew it). Every bite was accompanied with a contraction, but I was SO hungry. I kept eating and when a contraction hit I'd have to hold the eggs in my mouth and instead of swallowing, I packed them into the side of my cheek and breathed. That didn't last long because the smell started to bother me. I was bothered by sound even. He was running more hot water in the tub and when a contraction came I'd signal for him to turn the water off. I should have known that we were close but it had felt like no time went by. I couldn't afford to think we were close so early in the game. Tj got rid of the food and I knew things were changing because there started to be so much pressure on my butt.

I had him help me out of the tub and requested for him to make a palette on the floor for me so I could labor side lying. It was crazy because it was the exact same urge I had with Lois when I was close to pushing. I thought about how awesome our bodies are in knowing exactly what position we need to get into. I also started thinking about how crazy I was to decide to do this unmedicated again. Let me just say I understand 100% why women don't do this drug free, I was hurting!!! I tried pushing out the thoughts and tried just focusing on one contraction at a time. He got something together and I had a couple contractions on my knees on the chair. I got to the floor and had two contractions. Things took a MAJOR turn. I was dying to get the egg taste out of my mouth and I had Tj turn off the diffuser. I made a roller of essential oils with an intention of Tj running it down my spine during contractions, yeah that happened once. I had him call for the nurse. His response "what is she gonna do?". I didn't have time or breath to explain, I repeated, "lots of pressure, call the nurse". He said later that he thought there was no way I'd be ready to push. 

My nurse Tanya came in and checked me, she immediately called out to get some help. She informed me that baby's head was right there. I COULD NOT FREAKING BELIEVE IT!! It was time to push and there was no way I could stop myself. The urge was the most overwhelming I'd ever felt it! My doctor was on her way but she wouldn't make it in time. At 8:10am with about 5 pushes, this girl was earth side. Delivered on the hospital room floor by some awesome nurses. I was able to reach down and grab her and put her on my chest. I also was able to cut the cord this time which Tj had the pleasure of doing the first two times. It was incredible!!!

The aftermath was not as dramatic as the last time. My placenta detached without issue and there was no hemorrhage. Praise the LORD!!! The cramps were ten times worse than the last time. I was informed by my nurse that they get worse with every child, information I wish I knew before that very moment. I wouldn't make it off the floor for a good minute, they were just too bad. 

Completely overwhelmed with love for our last babe and in complete disbelief over how fast it all went. I could not stop singing praise to God for answered prayers. I kept asking Tj "what just happened?". We were both just so relived for it to be over. Tj hates the labor process and me, for obvious reasons. 

After over an hour of snuggles and feeding, they weighed her. 

Once believed to be our biggest yet, Minka weighed in at 5 lb 1oz. Only one ounce bigger than our smallest, Noelle. She was 17 1/4 inches long. She was considered small for gestational age (3rd percentile) so we would have to check her blood sugars for the next 24 hours. 

FaceTime with big sister, who was more than eager to get to her. Telling her grandma "I think we need to leave right now".

Big sisters arrived and they were immediately struck by the love bug!

Grandma's newest grandchild. 

She passed her blood sugar tests with flying colors so we busted out of there the next day!!

On her birthday we had 'fresh 48' photos taken by Kathleen Peachey and I can't wait to share them! I could not have prayed for a smoother delivery. Grateful is not even the word. 

All 3 of our ladies!!

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