Saturday, December 8, 2018

Bump #3 Weeks 36 & 37

Hello, if you're looking for me, you'll most likely find me in the restroom. I have hit the stage where I'm visiting the place what seems like every 5 minutes during the day and at least once at night. Getting out of bed has also become challenging so getting up in the middle of the night is a lot of fun.  But the BIGGEST news is that your girl didn't get the pregnant nose. How you ask? I have no earthly clue!!! It usually comes around at 36 weeks and waking up every morning without my nose and lips on swole was so strange. I also did not have any swelling to my feet this time around. No cankles, no pitting edema, no nothing. I have no idea why things have been so different this time around but I am definitely not hating it. I have hit a weight gain of 21 pounds which is a record for me for sure. 

Week 36 brought on an incredible amount of work to the nursery. I mean A LOT of work. Week 35, the room was empty with only tools. And the next we had finished crown molding, a crib, a rug, and a dresser. Week 37 brought details to the room including hanging things on the wall. I cannot wait to share with you all what we've done. I love it so much and I am so excited to spend time in there with my little lady. 

We had what was our last OB appointment at 37 weeks. Big sister was at school and not excited to miss it. 

This mama also made it out to my last event before baby. There was a get together hosted for wedding industry people as well as social media influencers in which I was invited. It was the perfect way to end being out of the house for a good while. 

I hung out with this lady as much as possible knowing she is soon to become a big sister and middle child. We went out to eat more than usual and ran lots of errands together, and also took several naps together.  

Sleep changed in week 37 and I was tossing and turning most nights. Sleep has been great up until this point and now it is challenging for sure. But we don't have long so I will do my best to get a good night sleep before our induction and get my mind ready for the exhaustion to follow. I should have a birth story for you soon!!!

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