Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Bump #3 Weeks 34 & 35

Ok I admit it!! Tj told me a couple weeks ago that he thought I was the biggest I'd ever been pregnant and didn't want to believe him. These last two weeks have forced me to face the facts, I'm bigger than I've ever been! The scary part is I know I only have more room to grow in these last few weeks. I certainly feel like this girl has got to be bigger than the other two. I feel like I feel her kicks higher on my belly than I did the previous times but who knows. 

During week 34 the man of the house left for a few days. I wanted to make sure we weren't bored at home but we may have over did it. It was a packed few days with photoshoots and events. By the end I was having Braxton hicks out of this world. I was tired and ready for Tj to come home!

Week 35 got a huge to do list item checked, we got a new car with a third row!

We settled on a VW Atlas and I'm still getting use to driving this big thing! I also had my last maternity shoot! Those photos will be on my next blog post. 

Noelle has been ALL about this baby. Talking about her constantly and just over the moon to welcome a new baby into our family. 

Lois is coming around and finally ok with feeling her move. She usually moves her hand away as quick as I put it there and tells me she doesn't want to do it. I am at this point pretty over wearing anything that isn't super comfortable. Tj's sweat pants (worn below) are a total staple in my wardrobe these days. 

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