Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Maternity Shoot with Courtney Jewell Photography

Umm...so I loved these so much I couldn't wait to share them!!! Our thanks to Courtney Jewell for these amazing photos. 

So if you followed my stories on Instagram about the madness that was trying to find something to wear for this shoot than you know I completely gave up on anything maternity. I was so not into spending the kind of money that the gowns online cost and going in store was a joke. So I opted for good ole' Forever 21 and something that would fit over this 33 week belly. Both the sweater and dress are from there. My thanks to my friend Dani who shopped with me and came over to my house two days before the shoot to make this beautiful floral crown for me. 

I've always been pretty candid about the fact that Tj HATES taking pictures!! But lucky for him, he married someone who loves taking them and having them taken. Although he hates it, he always obliges me by being a good sport and showing up with his fake smile. He's lucky that he's still fine!!

 Probably whispering to me how much he hates this. Also explaining to Courtney how he feels a piece of his manhood slipping away with every shoot I make him do! 

With every new baby that enters this family we feel the blessing to have them and the pressure to raise them the way God would have us to. We take that pressure with ease together. Neither of us are big complainers and you won't hear us talk about how hard it is to raise them, but the truth is, it's  hard. We knew adding a third would cause some chaos and an entirely new dynamic to our house hold, but I for one am excited for the crazy!  

Ok Minka, we're ready for you baby girl. But please don't come until we finish your room, and we prepare our hearts for three kids and I prepare my mind for labor. We can totally wait a few more weeks is what I'm saying. Noelle is counting us as a family of 5 already and talks about you constantly. Lois is gonna be a little shook. We love you and CANNOT WAIT to see your face and who you look like!

Thanks again Courtney! If you live in Denver, don't play yourself and book her!! Thank God my eyelash glue wasn't showing in this pic!

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