Monday, November 19, 2018

Iceland Babymoon

Ok so ya'll know how I do, the more pictures, the longer the blog will take. And this time is just like any other, pictures galore!!

Oh Iceland!! You were good to us. Mostly because we got to sleep in and I didn't have to cook for anyone for 5 full days but also because you were incredibly beautiful. Our baby moon was exactly what we wanted and hoped for. We made this trip at 28 weeks and the flight to Iceland seemed a little problematic at first when we were told that we had to have a doctor's note to travel internationally after 28 weeks. There was no way we weren't getting on that flight. We told them we were 27 weeks and boarded. They didn't want these problems. 

It was cold and rainy for most of the days we were there but it didn't stop us from exploring as much as possible. We stayed in Reykavik, the capital, it's on the coast of Iceland. The airport is about 40 minutes away so we decided to rent a car to get around while we were there. 

The wind was NO joke. They talk about it on the blogs but seriously, there is no use for an umbrella here. We tried and failed completely, snapped two of them in half. The water proof clothing was also mentioned. I was borrowing a maternity coat so my options were super limited as far as that goes but yes if you go make sure to have a coat that won't be bothered by the rain. 

Our first stop was to one of the local restaurants that was recommended by our Conceirge. We tried the sampler plate which had some very interesting items, including, marinated fin whale, lamb bacon, lamb liver, fried cod skin, reindeer meatballs and dried lamb. VERY INTERESTING!!! My favorite was the hot chocolate, it was bomb!!

The downtown streets were so cool. Lots of artwork and cool buildings. 

Because we booked with Travel Zoo our trip included a Northern Lights excursion. The excursion was 5 hours....on a bus. We picked up all the other tour goers and headed towards the airport 40 minutes where there was less light pollution. The guides stood outside the bus to keep watch. The worst part was we didn't get to see them. Of course we knew that that was a possibility going in but still it sucked. When you book and don't get to see them the first night, you are able to go back every night until you see them, even up to two years later. But honestly we weren't into it. There was no water or snacks provided. This pregnant girl was thirsty and could have used a snack. Not the end of the world though, we could have prepared for the next night. We just didn't wanna spend another 5 hours on it. The tour guide also tempered our expectations big time. He told us that it's not like what you see on goggle. The pictures that you see are taken by really good cameras and it is not seen like that from the naked eye. He kind of bummed us out honestly. I was expecting to see fireworks. HA! He did also mention that Iceland is not the best place in the world to view them. 

The next day we made our way to whale watch, another L. I was unable to take the anti-nausea medicine due to the pregnancy and boy did I miss it. I got sick on the boat and spent most of the time with my head on Tj's shoulder. 

Feeling good here!

Bored and sick here!

The third day was my favorite by far. We drove the golden circle to see all the sights. I highly recommend driving, at least in the fall because the roads weren't bad. We got to take our time on the things we wanted to see and hurry on the things we didn't care to see. We made a list and checked them off. 

We saw ALL the sheep!!

The Kerid Crater

The Geysir

Erupted just as I was taking a selfie!

So the wild horses are a real thing! They are everywhere and you can see them at the side of the road randomly. We found a really cool place where you stop off and feed them, plus get a great photo op. They were super friendly but I still wasn't getting that close. 

Yeah, this was the closest we were getting, still a wild animal! Although they are tiny, they are not to be called ponies. Any research you do on Iceland will tell you that. I'm guessing it offends the people, not the horses!

I did actually feed them though. 

The Gullfoss waterfall. 

The Skogafoss waterfall.

We went a little out of the way in order to visit this black beach. It was incredible and like nothing I had ever seen before. It was something straight out of The Game of Thrones. 

God is incredible!!!!!!!

Day 4 and I'm wondering how we won't freeze at the Blue Lagoon. I should have used this scarf for the smell. The sulfur was abundant!

We opted for package that included a robe and slippers. It also came with an extra face mask and reservations at the restaurant. 

Face masks and taking a break from the water. 

The great thing is that there were super hot spots but most of it just felt like a heated pool. I waded through that water fast to keep from baking her. I was kind of worried about not being able to stay in the whole time but it wasn't as hot all around as I expected it be. 

We dined in our robes and I was pretty geeked about it!! There are a lot of mixed reviews about going to the Blue Lagoon but we thought it was awesome and I'd recommend it to anyone. 

On our last day in Iceland we explored more of the city and ate more fish and chips before heading to the airport. 

It was a great way to celebrate the end of a era as parents and the chaos that is about to ensue. We love being a team and any chance we get to be alone we will take. I love this man of mine and I am so grateful to God that He chose him to parent with me. Bring on another baby girl!!

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