Saturday, November 17, 2018

Baby Hazley #3 Name Reveal

So if you follow me on social media, this is more of an explanation than a reveal!! Either way, here it is.....

Little Miss Minka Quinn Hazley 

Oh Minka, you were not an easy one to name. We knew naming our third girl would be a challenge but I don't think we anticipated it taking so long. We were in the third trimester before coming up with a name. We have known that she was a girl since about 12 or 13 weeks (the earliest we've ever known). With the other girls we had a name within a couple weeks of knowing the sex, not months. 

To begin, I presented the name I've loved forever, Latham. Tj again denied it, saying it sounded like a prescription drug. Whatever!! We went back to an app we'd used before to try and find something. None of our names matched and we were at ground zero. But there were a couple that we actually decided we liked, Quinn being one. We thought since we agreed on something we'd just go with it. I thought Quinn Latham Hazley would work just fine. As time went on, it was really hard for me to call her Quinn. I just wasn't connecting with it. I knew God was telling me it wasn't the one. 

We gave it a break for awhile and decided that when we went on our baby moon we'd really pin something down. Before leaving, I went to my social media asking for suggestions for old school names. I thought that would be a great place to start since Lois and Noelle were such old names. As soon as we got on the plane Tj asked me for this list. He literally laughed as he went down it, looking at names like: Etta, Bea, Margot and my favorite of them Marlow! I was kind of over it at that point. I told him to come up with a list and I would have veto power. 

He recalled me bringing up Minka months ago and said that Minka and Quinn were basically the only two that we'd ever agreed on. Honestly I didn't even know he liked Minka. His reaction to me first bringing it up was "oh, there's a Dolphins player named Minkah". Really? If you know Tj, you know he is a HUGE Miami Dolphins fan. I didn't necessarily know that he liked it just that he'd heard it before. 

I've just loved Minka from the actress Minka Kelly. I always loved how unique it was and that I'd never met anyone with the name before and outside of the actress I really hadn't heard it. I have always been big on unique names. So before we left Iceland we decided Minka Quinn was the final answer. Noelle loved it and it just seemed to fit. We had our own little alphabet, L. M. N.

Minka means "strong"!! We know she'll live up to her name!

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