Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Bump #3 Week 26 & 27

DOG TIRED and REFLUX!!! That's the best way to describe the last two weeks. I even had to resort to Zantac, it's awful. If the hair connection has any truth to it, she's a hairy one. Her movements have stepped up tremendously!! She is busy and the girls have been able to feel her moving and Tj can seen her from the outside on a regular basis. She was usually active during the evening hours but now is active all times of the day. I've had more lazy days than I'd like due to just pure exhaustion. I hope this is a phase and not a sign of my life for the next 3 months.

 The name!! We don't have one but we've at least got a direction to move in. We I decided to narrow them down to vintage names because of our other girls, something too new wouldn't fit. 

I pushed through the exhaustion and did more painting in the room. Look how big of a difference the bright white makes, I love it already. I also finished painting the baseboards. It makes this room look so new!! We can finally move on to the wallpaper, which I am over the moon about!! I just know it's going to really bring the room to life. This will be Tj's job as I just stand back and direct. I told you he wasn't allowed to paint so the wallpaper and crown molding will be his job. We'll get to it once we are back from our baby moon. 

We did some exciting things the last two weeks including shooting a brand commercial for our favorite bow company, Wunderkin Co. 

We are gearing up for our trip to Iceland and the clothing I have for cold weather + this belly just doesn't cut it. I bought my first pair of maternity pants at Target. I also got some maternity overalls that I have been eyeing for months. My first pregnancy was during the winter months but that was in Florida which really doesn't count. I got away with wearing leggings and long shirts but not this time. I will NOT play with Iceland or Denver's winter and act like I don't need jeans. I've always been turned off by the price of maternity clothing and have avoided them like the plague. Well after trying on the jeans and looking at the sales price tag, I was hooked. They were $20!! Link here!

These overalls were not on sale but OMG I love them and had to have them.

Next update will include pics from ICELAND!!! AHHH!!! And hopefully, we will have a name <3

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