Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Bump #3 Weeks 28 & 29

Oh boy am I late with these updates. Weeks 28 & 29 don't even have an official bump photo. Ahh well, I still have some bump pics to mark the time. These two weeks included our baby moon to Iceland and thank you Jesus it was a great couple of weeks. 

Every couple of weeks has had its ups and downs. It was great timing that this two weeks, I had really nothing to complain about. I was a little nervous about flying overseas so pregnant and apparently so did the Icelandic airline. It was required I have a doctors note to fly over 28 weeks. Yeah, that didn't happen but we got on the plane with no issues. I was more worried about having issues with anxiety and panic attacks but thank God there was nothing of the sort. The 6 hour flight to Iceland from New York did result in swollen feet but I also did not wear compression stockings as I should have. 

Thankfully I bought a those few maternity things before the trip because it was much needed. I would have been out of gas because it was cold and windy!

We had our 28 week ultrasound for growth and baby girl looked GREAT! There was no concern for her size so we are thanking God for that but also cautiously optimist. Lois didn't show signs of slow growth until around the 32nd week and then dropped down below the 10th percentile at 36 weeks. We DO have a name and I am itching to share with you! Tj and I finally agreed while in Iceland but not on any of the old school names I tried to push for! Her name will be revealed soon!

As far as my growth, I'm now up 12 pounds! 

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