Friday, September 7, 2018

Mommy & Me

Our many thanks to Kathleen Peachey for this shoot with my oldest girls. Crazy to say it but these are my big girls! With baby sister's arrival in just a few months I am so grateful for these memories of just us three. I think we'll be filled with so much love we may just burst. I'll do my maternity shoot in several more weeks but thank God for some maternity pics without the pregnant nose!!!

Ya'll know I love me some pictures so get ready to scroll! 

So happy she captured Lo's comforting hugs and face. She is usually saying "it's ok, no cry, no cry" or "aww baby"! We love it!

I looked at my last maternity shoot with Lo and Lord!! I know pregnancy is beautiful and yada yada but my face, nose and lips were so swollen. It's amazing how much your face can change. I don't seem to have much change to my body (other than the obvious) but my face makes up for it. Happy for some pregnancy pictures that look like me. 

Dandelion blowing is serious business. 

I love these next two pictures maybe the most!

What's a photoshoot without a "Lo kiss"?

These two! They're gonna be so good as the big girls. 

My Lolo!!! The way you love on your baby dolls is totally a sign of things to come. Next week you'll be two and just three short months after a big sister. I hope you know that you are loved and cherished during this transition! You are one of a kind and the love you express would be so missed if it weren't for you. 

 The last Mommy & Me shoot I did with just Noelle she looked so little before becoming a big sister just weeks later. I can hardly believe how big she is. It is going to be so amazing to see her in this role again as an almost 5 year old. She kisses my belly every night and says goodbye to her unborn sister as we drop her off at school. I just can't wait to see her do this again!!!

This girl is coming into a home with so much love to be given and the best big sisters ever! 

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