Sunday, September 16, 2018

Lo's TWO year update!!

Lo is two and boy are we in for some fun!! She is officially the dancing queen but prefers to get down to the most ratchet rap music around. Noelle asked me to play princess music and Lois immediately screamed out "NO"!!

Just in time for her birthday, Lois is now allowing me to style her hair without going completely nuts. I can still hardly believe it. She looks so cute with braids.

We decided to keep her special day pretty chill and it was perfect. We started the day with a hair wash  and a style with no tears, hooray for me! We had a little bit of running around to do but we stopped at the mall playground for her to run around. We headed to pizza for lunch and then picked up her sister from school. 

Her birthday gifts were all things baby related. She is very into her dolls right now so we got her a high chair/swing, crib and stroller to put them in, along with new outfits and bottles. She played with them for the entire night and was in baby doll heaven. 

We also found a new talent of hers, she is capable of pooping and eating at the same time.

We love hearing how much her vocabulary has changed and increased. She enjoys telling us "bless you" after we sneeze and "I luv you". She tries her hardest to recite her prayers at night and it's the cutest thing ever. We love this feisty little lady that knows exactly what she wants. She is so cuddly and I pray she always wants to hug and kiss me the way she does now!!

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