Saturday, September 22, 2018

Bump #3 Week 24 & 25

"I'll take a number five with an orange juice please"! I can't tell you how many times I've repeated this in the last two weeks. I want all the sausage biscuits with egg sandwiches and hash browns. Oh and the Caesar salad kick is still going strong. What I have not fulfilled yet is my craving for Steak N' Shake's chili, don't judge me. It was also a weird couple of weeks with lots of sciatic nerve pain and a weekend feeling like complete crap. The day before I turned 24 weeks I had to leave work early due to Braxton Hicks that would not quit and an episode of vomiting that I still don't understand where it came from. I was couch ridden for the entire weekend but the rest was much needed.

I was hoping to give you an update on the nursery and you got it! Post here! I've started on all the painting and by the end of this month, we'll be ordering furniture!!!!

Reflux has reared it's ugly head and I am sleeping upright most nights. Ok, I start off sleeping upright and find myself with my head at zero degrees when my alarm clock goes off. This is pretty familiar when I remember my pregnancy with Noelle.

Here's one before of the nursery. You can tell in the upper corner of the wall the white I'm painting it. I knew that painting it a bright white would make a huge difference, Tj didn't believe me. He thinks white is white (eye roll), he'll see!

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