Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Baby #3's Nursery Inspiration

The couch is OUT!!  The dreaded couch that was stopping our progress is now out of the room. This means the honey do list is made and I can finally start envisioning what this space will look like and where things will go. If you've been following my Pinterest board for the nursery than I'm sure you know I am going for a neutral vibe, I am definitely wanting to pull back from the pink walls that I did in the girls room. I want it to be clear that it's a girl room but the nature theme was calling my name. 

I've got plans to paint the dresser to get a pop of color against the white walls but I am still unsure of which direction I want to go, though I am leaning towards something in the green family. Once I decide on the color of the dresser then I can make a decision on a rug. I can't wait to get all the big pieces in so I can start focusing on the details!! Although I am only 24 weeks, I feel like I will be racing against the clock to get this room done. I know I have plenty of time but for whatever reason it doesn't feel that way. We started around this same time with Noelle's nursery (but we didn't have two kids)!

I'd love to add some open shelving on one wall of the nursery as well as a faux plant. I am so excited for the evolving ideas to come. Here of some of my pinterest pictures that served as inspiration. 

The next step is crown molding. Hopefully my husband will see my letter board and get to it!! Stay  tuned for more updates, yay for another Hazley Home project!!!

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