Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Lo's 21 & 22 Month Update

Bring on the talking back! We've had so many gains in vocabulary that Lois is now ready to tell me what she's NOT going to do. One day I was calling her and telling her to come here when out of nowhere she yelled "I'm not coming"!! Stunned, I grabbed my phone trying to get her to repeat it. I thought there's no way Tj will believe this!!! This was definitely the start of letting us know what she does not like or what she's going to refuse to do. The pre 2 year old tantrums have begun and we've got a glimpse of what we're in for. 

This summer she has made us well aware that she's not really into the whole water thing. Refusing almost all together to get wet. 

Fireworks, not into it!

 Watermelon, yes!!

This picture was the first time she asked for a picture. She made me put her down, backed up to the wall and said "cheese".

Lo is a super messy eater and still loves to chew foods and then spit them out.

She's such a lover and incredibly gentle with babies! It's actual really impressive. I watch her slowly move her hand to pat their heads softly or touch their cheeks. She doesn't like to see anyone upset and will grab both my cheeks and say "aww baby".  I think we're seeing a great big sister in the making!!

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