Monday, August 20, 2018

Bump #3 Week 20 & 21

Baby girl must have heard what we were saying about her not so strong kicks because she presented me with several after we turned 20 weeks. 

The bump is popping and I am absolutely loving it! This hunger though......

I went on my first girls trip since having the kids and it was amazing. Mostly because I didn't have to cook for anyone! I went with my closest and oldest friends <3

I finally got to spend some alone time with this baby girl. Life is busy and running after two kids leaves me little time to take in every single kick and feeling that comes with this territory. I fear that the end will go so fast that it will leave my head spinning and missing having a bump more than ever. I really don't want to rush it this time. I'll try everything I can not to wish it go faster. My last baby bump will soon be a memory. 

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