Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Bump #3 Week 18 & 19

Week 18 and particularly week 19 was pretty eventful. We had our anatomy ultrasound which gave us a great report on the baby. Her growth is right on target but because of the history with our other two and their growth slowing down towards the end of each of my pregnancies, we got orders to come back for a follow up in a couple of months. She was very active and the tech had to chase her to get all of her measurements. I learned that I have an anterior placenta which explains why her kicks haven't felt the strongest. She's got a few more layers to get through in order to make a big impact that I can feel. 

I think I'm slightly in denial about how fast this next season of life will come. With wrapping up summer and getting Noelle ready for her last year of preK, it will be non-stop prepping for the baby and before we know it she'll be here!! I can't wait but also feel I need to do much more mental preparing before that time comes. 

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