Thursday, July 19, 2018

Talk Nelly To Me

I thought it was high time for an update on my big girl. At the end of August she will be 4 and a half. Time is moving entirely too fast and with the coming of another baby, I want to make sure I'm still showing her love on the blog and documenting all the crazy and memorable things she says.


I don't think there's any other way to describe Noelle right now. I think we're having more issues listening than any other time before. We've been through some stages but this selective hearing phase is wearing on my patience! And the eating, holy cow the eating!! Why does every meal take an hour and a half to finish? Begging her to eat every single bite of food, it's exhausting. As challenging as she is at the moment, she says the sweetest things to me. She is so complementary to me and I love it! I'm the best mommy, cooker, and a host of other things. I hope she remembers this at 14 years old. 

Here's some of the colorful things she's said recently...

Any time Noelle is in desperate need to get out of eating something or is so thirsty she can't take it, this is what I get.
-Noelle: "Mom the vomit is coming!"
-Me: "What does that mean Noelle?"
-Noelle: "I need some water or I think I'm going to vomit"

Recently she's been into joke telling and we can't take it!
-Noelle: "How did the donkey open the door?"
-Us: "How?"
-Noelle: "I don't know"

Noelle is not huge on coloring but when she does, it's all over the place. So the last times we've colored I've tried to encourage some sort of order. 
-Me: "Noelle, why don't you try coloring inside the lines?"
-Noelle: "I don't like lines"

So I mentioned Noelle and her lack of listening skills these days. Well I try and warn her that she is reaching punishment but one day she made me realize maybe I need to try something else because apparently she doesn't care. 
-Me: "Noelle, you better cut it out...."
-Noelle: "I know, I know, I'll get in trouble"

We're still working on putting our shoes on the right foot and it's hilarious when she gets it wrong.
-Me: "Noelle, your shoes are on the wrong foot"
-Noelle: "How do you always know that, you know everything"

The colorful commentary keeps Tj and I on our feet for sure. We are never quite sure what's coming next. I am unsure of what prompted this next response but Tj and I about died.
-Us: "...that's a really good idea Noelle"
-Noelle: "I know that's because I'm a genius"

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