Thursday, July 12, 2018

Hawaii Part 1

Ok so when you see how many pictures I'm posting you will understand why this post took me so long to do. First, I needed the motivation to edit all of them and of course I had to wait until I announced my bump that will appear in these photos. SO MANY PICTURES, but I mean it's Hawaii so can you blame me? This trip was incredible not only because it was Hawaii but because we went with our folks!!! Our kids, best friends/travel partners and our parents.  

Ok, lets do this!! First stop, Kauai!! This was the longest trip we'd ever taken with the kids but they did awesome!!

The road to our hotel was this amazing path of trees that made a tunnel. 

Noelle was immediately ready to get her hula on.


This picture was our first morning in Hawaii and moments before we told our totally unexpecting family that we were carrying baby number 3. 


Hitting the amazing pool at the Hyatt after breakfast. 

Meet Landon, I spent the entire trip trying not to bite him!


All the shave ice we could handle. 

The next day we made it out for breakfast before exploring Kauai. 


More shave ice, so good!!

The Grand Hyatt property was gorgeous and Lo and I got up one morning (after we got use to the time change) and explored it alone. 

The waterfalls were endless and I did not tire of seeing them. 

And the roosters, Lord the roosters. 

Hula pie!! Ok, so I read about Hula pies online while researching Hawaii and I knew it was a must. It did not disappoint!! 

Another thing we had to experience was the luau. We'd heard great things about the luau at the Grand Hyatt and it was all true, SO GOOD. The only thing we were disappointed about is that the weather did not hold up for us to have it outside. The food was great and the performances were even better, especially the fire man! The kids were not shy about getting on stage for hula lessons. 

Another thing that made this trip so special is that my parents celebrated 35 years of marriage on this very night!!

After the performance Lois was given the headdress of the fire performer. 

I think Liam loved my dad's grandpa vibes!!!

And Noelle got a skirt!

It was hard to leave Kauai but we had another stop in Hawaii to get to!

Next stop....Maui!

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