Monday, July 23, 2018

Bump #3 Week 16 & 17

Ok so I think we're only doing a picture once a week, because I can't seem to get it together enough to take a picture once a week! These two weeks brought the hunger!! When I say hungry, I don't mean like "oh I could eat something". I mean the kind of hungry where you have an entire meal and then 30 minutes later it's like you didn't take a bite!! It reminds me of the type of hunger that comes with breastfeeding and I hope it doesn't last long because my grocery bill can't handle it. 

I was able to celebrate my birthday with my family and a yummy dinner was of course my wish. If I could eat Italian food every day I would, pregnant or not. Oh and for some odd reason I cannot really stomach hot coffee these days but no coffee is not a life I wanna lead so I have been doing iced coffee. And mint, oh no!!! Brushing my teeth in the first trimester was terrible, the taste of mint was enough to make me gag immediately. Chewing gum or mints would evoke a dry heave at second one. 

We just booked our baby moon and the destination is Iceland!! I cannot wait but also I'm trying to figure how to dress this growing bump in real winter. I was big and pregnant with Noelle in the winter but that was Orlando winter so that doesn't count. With Lois I was pregnant in Denver but not in the winter, so this pregnant in a real winter thing will be new. I'll keep you posted on whether or not maternity jeans will be on my list of things to buy this pregnancy. 

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