Thursday, June 7, 2018

Mother's Day Shoot with Coryn Nelson

All I wanted for Mother's Day was this shoot with my girls. As soon as I saw the promos for it, I knew this had to happen. I knew the photographer who'd get the job done was Coryn Nelson Photography. We had only worked together once before but with her body of work, I knew I'd love the result and God I really really do love them!! I made sure the girls were full and I packed plenty of snacks, this was happening and I NEEDED them to cooperate. We only had a half an hour window to do the shoot. I am always careful of choosing times that I know they'd be at their happiest. The girls were on their best behaviors and thank God all went well!!

For a little while there, we didn't think Lo was gonna crack a smile. 

Noelle can be hard to wrangle for a photo or get her to be serious! It's one of the things I love most about her and one the things that drives me nuts. 

Just look at this smirk!!

Because these just have to be seen!!!

I wasn't expecting any solo pics but I do love the ones she captured <3

Now that our secret is out...I can share these sweet photos! We found out just days before this shoot that we were expecting and we were over the moon!!!

Thanks to Coryn Nelson Photography, we will never forget this shoot, well except Lolo!!
Body suit and skirt rented from: Sweet Caroline Styles
Hair color: Liz Marie and Jonathan Alvarez
Hair Styling: Me
Makeup: Me
Girl's dress: Old Navy (similar here)
Lo's bow: Hadley Girl
Noelle's bow: Wunderkin 

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