Sunday, June 24, 2018

Gender Reveal #3

Tj and I cheated this time around. Our impatience got to us and we opted for the blood test to determine the gender of the baby several weeks early. As soon as we returned from Hawaii and had our 12 week appointment we went for it. I had a lot of mixed feelings about doing a gender reveal this time around. We had such big gender reveal parties for the girls in Orlando and this time around we'd be staying in Denver and it just wouldn't be the same without all of our family and friends. But I was not ok with just checking our email for the results. Even it wasn't as big, it's still a big deal and I wanted to make sure we made it special. 

Monday, June 18, 2018

Baby Hazley #3

I can hardly even believe I'm writing this post! This baby is a prayer answered and a dream realized! For as long as I can remember, I've always wanted three children and this baby feels like the completion of our family. Tj did not buy a ticket to this train while we were dating, engaged or even married but he came around and I'm so grateful to God!! 

Friday, June 15, 2018

Lo's 19 & 20 Month Update

WORDS, we have WORDS!!! I have never in my life been so happy to hear a child say no. I'm just so proud every time she says it. Soon after Lo turned 19 months we started speech therapy sessions at home. They didn't last long though, we only did 5 sessions but I think it was a combination of timing and encouragement that got her on her way. She loves saying "amen" at the end of grace and our nightly prayers and I'm loving it.

The girl is obsessed with butts! She will take every opportunity to kiss, pinch or slap a butt if she gets the chance. And she's not particularly interested in ones that are clothed. Though while in Hawaii she did poke a random lady's butt. I don't get it but it's hilarious!!

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Mother's Day Shoot with Coryn Nelson

All I wanted for Mother's Day was this shoot with my girls. As soon as I saw the promos for it, I knew this had to happen. I knew the photographer who'd get the job done was Coryn Nelson Photography. We had only worked together once before but with her body of work, I knew I'd love the result and God I really really do love them!! I made sure the girls were full and I packed plenty of snacks, this was happening and I NEEDED them to cooperate. We only had a half an hour window to do the shoot. I am always careful of choosing times that I know they'd be at their happiest. The girls were on their best behaviors and thank God all went well!!

Lo's 17 & 18 Month Update

I'm about 2 months late with this post, so I will soon be sharing Lo's 19 & 20 month update! I gotta keep this going for my girl. I am determined to do "regular" updates on her until she's 2 just like I did for Noelle. Month 17 & 18 we worried a little about Lo's speech development. She is not half the chatter box Noelle was, which is totally cool, but her lack of words started to give us a little a concern. She has the most expressive eyes I've ever seen on a child her age. She has the most incredible comprehension but just won't say a word, not even "no". 
Her words consist of:
...and a few others she's only said once or twice.  

The girl gets her point across EVERY TIME. It amazes me how much communication can be had with a toddler who doesn't talk! She has a personality all her own and we have no doubt she is going to be the bossy one of the sisters. She hates sharing and will scream to the top of her lungs when things don't go her way. Loud sounds or my random loud mom calls for Noelle still get her a bit jumpy, making her run into my arms as fast as she can. She's pushy and is not afraid to push and pull Noelle into whatever direction she wants her in. She is such a stinker and she makes things so much more exciting around here.