Thursday, April 19, 2018

Talk NELLY To Me

You guys!!! I've missed this space so much! These days it is hard to get here without being distracted with all that is going on in the background. And honestly just trying to balance being present for my girls as much as I can. It's been a minute since we've done an install of my girl and her sayings, so I will try not to laugh too hard as I type these. I promise we don't endorse some of these, I'm just letting you know now!

Noelle is not always quick to answer me when I call her so on this particular day I was calling her to come and get her socks and shoes on. 
Me: "Noelle come here...."
Me: "Noelllllllllle come here..."
Me: "NOELLE, if I have to call your name one more time...."
Noelle: "OH. MY. GOD, I'm coming!"
I explained to her once she got to me why we don't say God's name in vain and how it wasn't appropriate. 
Noelle: "Well, can I say Oh my Jesus?"

Tj and Noelle recently flew together to Orlando alone to meet Lois and I who had already arrived. Tj says they were getting off the plane when he heard Noelle speaking to another passanger. 
Noelle: "How many teeth do you have in your mouth?"
Woman: "Well, about three. That's what happens when you smoke. So you shouldn't smoke."
Noelle: "Is that why you sound like that?"
Tj said he was mortified and rushed off the plane as soon as possible. 

I wish I could tell you that these kinds of interactions have never happened before but that would be a lie. Noelle and I were at the grocery store when a very nice woman decided to speak to Noelle. 
Woman: "Hi, how are you?"
Noelle with big eyes, leans back and replies "Wow, you're big!" 
Ya'll I almost sunk into the floor, I was so embarrassed. I immediately turned to Noelle and changed the subject, telling her to ask the lady what her name was!!

I was getting ready to get out of the house one night while Noelle was watching me get ready. She had recently told me her opinions on how people who wear a lot of makeup look like a hot mess. Matter of fact, she has told me I looked a hot mess. We then had a long talk about how that wasn't nice!!
Noelle: "Hey Mom, you look....."
Me: "What? Say it!"
She pauses...
Noelle: "Art, though I really don't even know what that means."
Tj and I fell out laughing!!! 

I hope she'll appreciate these when she gets older!! 

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