Friday, March 2, 2018

Sister Sister

 I am so loving the stage these two are in (minus the screaming and fighting)! Now that Lois is more interested in playing with Noelle, it has been exactly what I pictured being the mom of two girls would be like (including the screaming and fighting). Noelle is such a great big sister!!! Lois is not talking yet but her big sister is quick to speak for her. They seem to get each other, while one only speaks gibberish. 

Lois is always so eager to greet her sister in the morning. If Noelle is gone for school, she will look for her. They are so great together, until they're not!! When I discipline Lois (shake my finger at her) for hitting or biting Noelle, Lo usually becomes super dramatic and will cry. At which point Noelle will get onto me about being mean to Lois and I'm over here like "what?". Noelle is not okay with Lois being disciplined in any form or fashion. She was literally almost in tears the other night and asked me if I could stay home with Lois while she went to school so she wouldn't be home alone. It was so sweet but I also couldn't help but laugh at the fact that she thought Lois would be home alone. 

Noelle gets candy from a security guard in her and her dad's building after school everyday and she has recently been asking for two pieces so she could bring some home for Lois. Ugh, my heart!! She is so sweet to her and Lois continues to try and scratch her eyes out. HA! But seriously, they are building a beautiful friendship in front of our eyes and I am loving every minute of it, minus the eye gouging! Noelle is no angel, I catch her on a regular basis sneaking in licks to Lois when I'm not looking. I find it hilarious but of course I address it and then laugh under my breath at how she thinks she'll get away with it. 

The laughs and kisses are abundant!! 

We love these chicks and we are really looking forward to the day Lois starts talking and we can really hear these girls gab it up!! Well, maybe me more than Tj!

Current ages:
Noelle- 4
Lois- 17 Months

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