Monday, February 19, 2018

Noelle's 4th Birthday

We decided not to have a party for Noelle this year. We toyed with the idea but in the end decided to take her Great Wolf Lodge in Colorado Springs, CO. She was not very happy about not having a party. She woke up couple mornings before her birthday and asked me why I hadn't started decorating yet. I tried explaining but she wasn't having it. The day before her birthday we took her to her school to celebrate with her classmates. They sang happy birthday and ate the cupcakes we brought. 

 The morning of her birthday she woke up really excited for the trip to Great Wolf Lodge. We opened her gifts from her god mom and grandparents before getting dressed and snapping some pics. 

When we first pulled up to Great Wolf Lodge she was insisting that we were not there yet. She told us that we couldn't have been there because we didn't go to the airport. She was sure that we were going to Orlando for something Disney World related. And yes, I tried to explain this to her prior to the trip but there was a Disney World water park commercial that had been playing on TV and she got it in her head that that was it. We walked inside and her attitude completely changed. She kept saying how awesome it was and how excited she was to be there. 

After she freaked out over the fact that she would be sleeping in a bunk bed, we got dressed for the water!

She was nervous at first but then she became entirely too confident. We had to remind her that she could not go into the water without us present. 

 This was a rare siting, Lois hated it!! She cried almost the entire time. She refused to be put down. 

We got back to the room and sang happy birthday to our 4 year old!

Dance party was lit!! HA!

We had such a great time, besides leaving with hand foot mouth! Oh ya'll it was AWFUL!! We got home the next day and Lois spiked a fever that night. As high as 103.3. We were so not ready!! Thank God Noelle only got a minor case and she wasn't as bad as Lois. It was a rough couple of days. Noelle had such a great time that she stopped asking for a birthday party. We'd love to go back but will ask them to please hold the HFM!

Here are some pictures I took of Noelle that I will always cherish!


26.8 lbs
37.5 inches

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