Monday, February 19, 2018

New Years 2018

Ok, I'm still catching up in order to post new content so bare with me. I had just a couple days off for New Years so we hopped a flight to ATL to bring in the new year with Tj's family!! Traveling with these chicks is never boring and always unpredictable. The trip was smooth (after missing our first flight and leaving 5 hours later than planned) and once we landed, we wasted no time. We played games and laughed until our sides hurt.             

Selfie with the aunties. 

I can't tell you how much I love Tj's sisters. So I am always down for hanging out with them and their husbands. We all headed out for a night on the town and bring in the new year together. 

After over an HOUR in STOPPED horrible Atlanta traffic (hence all the pics) we finally made it to the concert. 

It was the Great Xscape tour featuring Tamar Braxton, Monica and of course the girl group Xscape. We were in the nose bleeds and the sound was freaking awful. We were going grin and bare it but......

My sister and brother in law knew the opening act. They went to see them after their performance and they gave them their seats on the floor, 11th row back!! We snuck down there to join them and just before the main act came out we front and center ready!

The concert was SO GOOD!! Because it was New Years, they brought out some Atlanta rappers and the guys got their fix too. Young Joc, Crime Mob, Trillville, Young Dro and T.I all hit the stage. T.I put on an entire set!! We even enjoyed a ball drop at midnight, so much fun!!!

Bringing in the new year for some people include the same traditions. I don't think I'll ever hold myself off from new and different experiences but as long as I do it with people I love, I'm here for it!!

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