Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Lo's 15 & 16 Month Update

Where do I start with this one? Lord, she is one busy girl!! Lo is still refusing to say a word, well besides yelling "mommy" when she is upset or whining. No new words since the last update. Maybe she feels that it isn't necessary since she gets across whatever she wants to say without words. She is so expressive. From the side eyes, rolling her eyes, smiles, smirks and every face in between. She points to the kitchen when she's hungry or thirsty. If you don't get the point, she will go and grab her cup, place it in your hand and point to the kitchen again. 

Tj had some crackers and was feeding her some. He offered her more and she slide the crackers over to him and then waved goodbye to the crackers. She is a clever little something. She loves milk and spaghetti. She does not like to try new foods and will spit the first bite out almost always. She still only has four teeth and has no signs of any more on the way. 

She cares nothing for TV. At this age Noelle knew all about Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, I'm sure Lois only knows of the hot dog song. It's a miracle if she sits in front of the TV for 5 minutes. She is a huge music lover and the introduction of the Amazon Echo has been a life changer for all of us. Although she is a child of few words, Alexa will soon be one of them. If we ever need to calm her down or get her to stop crying, the minute we say "Alexa", all is well with her. I really need to get it on tape, it's magic!!! No matter what is going on she will stop to dance to Alexa. She often points and grunts to her, her signal to crank up the jams. Her dance moves rival her father's (which isn't hard to do) and she will dance all night long if we let her.

 Her kisses are famous!! They are like suction cup kisses, while giving you the biggest squeeze she's got. I don't want her to ever stop kissing me like this, not EVER!!! Oh how we love you Lolo!!

16lbs 13oz
2' 4.25 inches

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