Monday, February 12, 2018

Christmas 2017

Now don't laugh at me but yes I am posting Christmas post. I have vowed to start blogging again after taking a much needed break. But I have an issue with leaving out important holidays and events. I use this blog not only to share our lives with my friends and family but to serve as a reminder for me as well. It's so easy to scroll my blog to find past updates about the girls as babies and what happened two Christmas' ago. So here I am, posting these important events in our lives. You can read them or skip on to the new stuff. Thanks for coming back!! Xoxo

Christmas was incredible!!! My mother visited for nine whole days and I was ecstatic. The only bummer is that my dad was working and unable to accompany her. We did Elf on a Shelf with Noelle this year and it was a blast. We started ended Christmas Eve by making rice crispy treats for Santa Claus. Noelle claimed that "baking was much harder than she thought it was".  HA!! 

I was up until about 1am wrapping up the last gifts and putting everything under the tree. 

This princess carriage was definitely the highlight of Christmas morning. They immediately wanted to get in it and Noelle begged Tj to take them out in the yard. 

It was a cold day so it was spent inside which was cool with us. We eventually got dressed and got ready for dinner. 

I love this crew of mine!!

I finally got to use my copper charger plates from Crate and Barrel as well as the copper wine glasses my mom got for me as a house warming gift. 

The next day we headed to the mountains with my mom. She'd never been so we rode the gondola at Keystone Mountain. We got to the top and ate lunch before heading over to the kidtopia area where there were slides for the girls us to go down!

I found some sort of extra energy and decided we should all go to the zoo for Zoo Lights that night. They agreed and we enjoyed a beautiful night at the Denver Zoo. 

The day my mother left we cashed in on our gifts from Tj. An hour facial and hour massage!!

Those nine days flew by but we were so grateful to God that she was able to spend that kind of time.

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