Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Lo's 15 & 16 Month Update

Where do I start with this one? Lord, she is one busy girl!! Lo is still refusing to say a word, well besides yelling "mommy" when she is upset or whining. No new words since the last update. Maybe she feels that it isn't necessary since she gets across whatever she wants to say without words. She is so expressive. From the side eyes, rolling her eyes, smiles, smirks and every face in between. She points to the kitchen when she's hungry or thirsty. If you don't get the point, she will go and grab her cup, place it in your hand and point to the kitchen again. 

Monday, February 19, 2018

Noelle's 4th Birthday

We decided not to have a party for Noelle this year. We toyed with the idea but in the end decided to take her Great Wolf Lodge in Colorado Springs, CO. She was not very happy about not having a party. She woke up couple mornings before her birthday and asked me why I hadn't started decorating yet. I tried explaining but she wasn't having it. The day before her birthday we took her to her school to celebrate with her classmates. They sang happy birthday and ate the cupcakes we brought. 

New Years 2018

Ok, I'm still catching up in order to post new content so bare with me. I had just a couple days off for New Years so we hopped a flight to ATL to bring in the new year with Tj's family!! Traveling with these chicks is never boring and always unpredictable. The trip was smooth (after missing our first flight and leaving 5 hours later than planned) and once we landed, we wasted no time. We played games and laughed until our sides hurt.             

Monday, February 12, 2018

Christmas 2017

Now don't laugh at me but yes I am posting Christmas post. I have vowed to start blogging again after taking a much needed break. But I have an issue with leaving out important holidays and events. I use this blog not only to share our lives with my friends and family but to serve as a reminder for me as well. It's so easy to scroll my blog to find past updates about the girls as babies and what happened two Christmas' ago. So here I am, posting these important events in our lives. You can read them or skip on to the new stuff. Thanks for coming back!! Xoxo

Christmas was incredible!!! My mother visited for nine whole days and I was ecstatic. The only bummer is that my dad was working and unable to accompany her. We did Elf on a Shelf with Noelle this year and it was a blast. We started ended Christmas Eve by making rice crispy treats for Santa Claus. Noelle claimed that "baking was much harder than she thought it was".  HA!!