Thursday, December 14, 2017

Christmas House Tour 2017

It's our second Christmas in our home and I'm finding more places to decorate. In the coming years I know it will spill into every room in the house. It is undoubtedly the best time of year and I have so much fun making our home festive. This year we are expecting my mother for Christmas and we are so excited about her visit. This will also give us some extra time in the basement so hopefully an update will be coming soon!

This big beautiful wreath was an awesome steal from Michael's and I originally planned for it to go out on the house above the door but waiting for Tj to get an extra tall ladder and dealing with his new found fear of heights made me rethink it's placement, lol. I think it's happy here!!

Some of you may have seen my Instagram story when I was on the hunt for a red stocking from Hearth & Hand. It was so hard to find. They were no longer available online so I have to find a Target that had some left. I went to six Targets in two days!!! I finally got my hand on a red one (I think the only one left in the Denver area) and ended up ordering the green pompom one online. There are six stockings because we were expecting my parents for Christmas. Although my father won't make it, I can't bring myself to take his stocking down. 

I love going to the library with the girls and picking out holiday books. These Christmas books were perfect for our mantel!! We had some recent visitors and were gifted our first Hearth and Hand item, this bell. Thanks Vanessa and Brandon! Oh and I didn't realize the black ribbon was supposed to be attached. 


Our elf Crispy has been all over the house but I particuarly
 liked her here. 

My kitchen is always my favorite place to decorate!

I had seen a couple of Pinterest images of wreaths above the kitchen sink and I loved it!! 

I have so many plans for this hallway!! It needs brighter paint and a new stair rail but I loved getting to decorate it this year.  

And here's a sneak peek at our Christmas cards from Tiny Prints! I'll be posting all of our photos from the shoot soon!

Hope you're enjoying decking the halls!!

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