Sunday, November 5, 2017

Halloween 2017

Noelle had to have changed her mind about her Halloween costume at least 4 times. Her final decision was My Little Pony. And she insisted that Lois and I dress up as ponies as well. Tj was able to get out of dressing up for another year. I recently took Noelle to see the My Little Pony Movie and she loved it, I also did this to make sure she wouldn't change her mind because my purchase was made and I was NOT returning the costume. It worked because she loved the movie and was even more excited about being Rainbow Dash. I was in complete shock that Lois kept on her headband the entire night. Lois was Pinkie Pie and I was Twilight Sparkle.  

Our neighborhood shuts down a street and all the businesses pass out candy. It's a one stop shop and we love it. The surrounding homes go all out with their decorations, so we stopped and got candy from a few more houses before heading home. 

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