Friday, October 27, 2017

Catalina Island

So yes, this post about a month late (insert eye roll here), but in my defense the weather in Denver has turned cold and now I'm reminiscing. Does that pass for an actual excuse?! Maybe not but I am now feeling motivated to post about this sweet beach vacay we had at the end of September. Tj and I were babies the last time we were here. We lived in California childless and came over just for the day. We needed a little getaway and Tj suggested Catalina. I was all about it and this time we'd actually be able to stay a couple nights. The journey to get there was not the easiest but not as bad as it could have been. 

We flew to LA and spent the day and the next morning we drove to Long Beach where we took an hour long boat ride to the island. Hauling the carseats and luggage the entire trip had to be the most challenging part. Traveling with the kids is a whole adventure in itself. 

This place is gorgeous and reminds us of Capri, Italy! 

Our hotel was attacked to several restaurants and stores, including an arcade that we spent some time at. 

The best way to get around the island is by golf cart but unfortunately they're not available to rent for an entire day, only by the hour. So we did lots of walking and exploring by foot. 

The great thing about the island is that the food varies from inexpensive fried goodness to expensive fancy dinner spots. Ice cream and everything in between, it's all so good!!  

 The only thing that Noelle could talk about was the beach. She wanted to immediately drop our bags and head for the sand. 

There were several options for excursions but the one that was easiest for us with the girls was the submarine. We got to feed the fish by torpedo and watch them swarm our windows. 

I forgot the baby carrier at home so the girls squeezed into the stroller together. This worked out for the most part, and then it didn't!! I love this picture so much!!

Ice cream break for the win!

We headed to another beach area on this day and I took full advantage of ALL the beach vibes. 

On our last day on the island we rented the golf cart to go to the top for the views. 

Noelle had been asking us for a little mermaid that she spotted on the boardwalk so before we left, she got her girl!

This was the perfect little getaway for our family! I hope we can try again next year. 

I am so happy we got to spend a little time in LA!! We drove past our old apartment building, ate at our favorite spots and visited my friend Latoya!! 

Where do you mentally escape to when the weather gets cold?!

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