Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Lo's 11 Month Update

We've officially got a walker!!! Lois is showing us more and more that she is her own person. She doesn't fit the mold of a second child. She is not exactly the most chill but she is definitely the most snuggly baby ever! Going to any person who will have her. Giving big tight hugs and kisses! FaceTime will stop the tears immediately! As soon as she hears the ring she wants to know who's calling. We've got one tooth on the way and she's dealing better than I thought she would. But she's got a lot to go and I think they will all pop up pretty fast after this one. 

She is over baby food and only wants what's on our plates. So we are pretty much 90% table food at this point. She is no push over and when Noelle takes things from her, she is ready for a fight. She is not the biggest talker (unlike her sister) so her current vocabulary includes mama, dada, bye bye and hi! She hasn't participated in any water activities this summer due to her hatred of all things water. Maybe next summer!! We will start the weaning process this month and I'm praying it was as easy as it was with Noelle. Nursing her has been a pleasure but Mom is ready!


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