Friday, August 25, 2017

A Visit From Our Crew

Sometimes you just have to remind your friends of the good time they had while visiting you. Maybe they'll look at this blog and decide to move here. It's worth a try, and either way these memories need to be documented. When our favorite crew came from Orlando to visit us, it was our first time as a wolf pack of eight, EIGHT people!!! We've doubled in size and we are so grateful to God for our friendship with the Cajustes. 

Copper Mountain was having a burger summit so we headed up to enjoy the sites and tastes. We don't go up to the mountains nearly enough so it was a much needed trip. The weather was perfect and the burgers were awesome!

Lo enjoyed her first trip up the ski lift, wiggling entirely too much for my liking. 

These two love each other so much and talked about this visit for weeks before the time came. 

Landon is the latest member to join our crew and he fits right in with his sweet squishy dimpled cheeked self! Oh the rolls!!!

On their last day we found a great spot to watch the solar eclipse. 

Love these people!!

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