Thursday, June 22, 2017

Year 7 Anniversary Trip| Belize Part 2

We usually jump around on our vacations to keep from getting bored. We boarded another puddle jumper and headed to Placencia for our last 3 days. Placencia is becoming more and more popular for tourism but it is not yet over crowded. There is a village with great restaurants and lots of shopping. We were met at the airport by one of the managers of the Caribbean Beach Cabanas and the place was just as beautiful as the pictures. 

There was a manatee in the water and I caught a glimpse from the shore. Tj was in the water trying to find it....(side eye). 

Conch and shrimp were on our menu for every meal. Oh and fry jacks, all the fry jacks!!

Riding bikes around the village.

We decided to make it out at least one night. 

For our last full day we ended up at Belize Ocean Club. We decided to extend the vacation for another day just before coming so many of places were already booked. I will say that this last place was not my favorite and I would have definitely rather stay at our last resort if they had the availability. It was far from Placencia Village and the rooms weren't all that impressive. 

Another anniversary trip for the books! I know that traveling together is not the secret to a long successful marriage but I am still grateful to God that He allows us to do this in remembrance of the vows we made to each other. Not everything in marriage is sunshine and rainbows but I know I love and like him enough to weather it all!

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