Friday, June 30, 2017

Try-Day Friday

I was recently asked the question, "what are your fashion fears"? I wasn't quite sure I had any, but when I really thought about it I knew that I picked pieces that I was comfortable with. Without even thinking about it I gravitate to silhouettes and patterns that I feel would look best for my body type. I'm sure most people do this but where's the fun in that? So I accepted the challenge set by Dia & Co. to switch it up and have fun with my wardrobe. They believe in self love and sporting confidence no matter your size. The results were this!

This mid length flared patterned skirt is something I would have NEVER picked up. Not because I don't think it's cute but because I feel like maybe my torso is too small to rock this. Anything high waisted tends to look really weird on me. I paired it with this shoulder cut out blouse with bow accents, both from H&M (which are not available online). My black strap heel and gold feather necklace are both older items I've owned for awhile. For my makeup I went with a subtle brown eye and red lips. 

This outfit was perfect for our Anniversary date night!! I got lots of compliments on the outfit which was really cool. I felt pretty and I was excited that my risk paid off! 

Happy Friday and TRY something different! 

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