Friday, June 23, 2017

Lo's 9 Month Update

We've got a stage five clinger!! She will not let me walk three feet from her without her losing it. The rules are clear, she is allowed to crawl away from me but I am NOT to walk away from her. It's been building for a couple months but we are at an all time high. She is getting super silly and I am able to get the giggles that were once only for her sister. Lo is crawling super fast and standing on her own. She waves and claps her hands, still no teeth but she loves to eat. Breastfeeding is still going really well but I'd be lying to you if I said I wasn't super excited about being done in 3 months. Her facial expressions are priceless. The last couple of plane rides were a little wild due to her wiggles and loud vocal exercises. She is weighing in at 15lbs 7oz.

We were pleasantly surprised when we visited Orlando that she went to just about everyone. Not the first day but once Tj and I got back from Belize she was allowing my parents to hold her while I was in the same room. Something that would have NEVER flown with Noelle. My parents said she didn't cry, unless put down, typical! She has no beef with sleep and will go down with the quickness. She doesn't fight sleep though she still will not sleep through the night consistently. 

She loves chewing on tags and trying to eat any paper products, especially paper towels!


Leaning in for a kiss!

She is so over these shoots! She's so busy that she just doesn't have the time to sit still.

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