Monday, May 15, 2017

Lo's 8 Month Update

I can't understand it! How was she born 8 months ago? This intense, speedy and pretty traumatic natural labor experience is nearing a year ago. It is incredible the way God makes the pain less and less memorable but the high of that baby touching your chest never loses its magic. They fit so perfectly into your family as if they were always apart of it. The second adds a dynamic to your family that you couldn't have anticipated. Another love you never knew you could have. Watching another child grow is an incredible blessing. These girls are different and similar in so many ways. 

Lois has a personality all her own. She is beginning to be silly and has a giggle that will cause knock your socks off when you hear it. Her favorite things include taking things from her sister (also Noelle's favorite thing), tearing up paper towels piece by piece and pulling up on any and everything. She has no teeth to speak of, not even sharp gums. We've got no signs of them being on the way. Her sleep has gotten much better, most nights she sleeps through.

Lois had two more trips this past month and even filmed her first commercial.


She wanted so badly to stand up and fly off this chair.

This monthly favorite is a little different. A friend of mine let me borrow her ring sling before her new babe was born. It's about time to return it and I have loved it and it has convinced me to get my own. I've had my eye on the Wild Bird ring sling. These carriers are so beautiful but they are also pretty pricey. I'd like to know from you if you have a ring sling, how long did your babe stay in it? Do you own a Wild Bird sling? What are your thoughts on it?

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