Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Girl's Room

Our girl's have the only finished bedroom in the house and I'm slightly jealous that I don't get to sleep in here! I still can't believe after all the fuss I made about not wanting my girl's in all pink that I painted their walls pink. But I don't regret it at all. I am a girl mom, so pink is just apart of my life. I have accepted it and even embraced it. I love spending time in here with them. Reading books and hanging out on the cozy rug. Noelle has adjusted great in this space, Lois we are still working on. I am looking forward to finding more pieces for the gallery wall! 

The room is smaller than the one we originally planned to put them in. But this room is at the back of the house where it's more quiet (which means we can host friends late) and has much more natural light. Tj wanted the girls to share a room for the first few years or as long as they wanted to. There are three rooms on the main floor so when they are ready to separate the opportunity will be there. 

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