Friday, April 28, 2017

Lo's 7 Month Update

We're a couple weeks late but Lo has been a busy girl this past month. Traveling, babbling, eating and just being cute! She's quick with the hands and is a FULL time hair puller. Get too close and she'll draw a tear. I thought we were going to have a quiet girl on our hands but oh has she found her voice. Yelling and screaming are some of her favorite things to do.  

Lo had a pretty hard sleep regression and for good reason. Just days after turning 7 months she was crawling and pulling up. We found out that bananas and Lo do not agree but so far no other allergies. All of a sudden bath time is now a cry fest and don't even think about washing her hair. Breastfeeding is still going strong and she is a mama's girl for sure. Lo has started dancing and her biggest belly laughs come from big sister. She loves to play with dad and is simply a joy to parent.


 This Oxo Seeding High Chair is actually our first high chair. Noelle never had one due to our travels and apartment hopping as a infant/toddler. When we were in the market this time, this high chair stood out to us. It's easy to clean, mobile and grows with them. It is super easy to put together and has simple adjustments.

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