Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A Lesson In Patience

Since Noelle's video has gone viral, I've heard so much about my patience with her, being praised even. I'm over here thinking, "if they only knew". I really wish I could tell you that this is how I parent all the time. Heck, I wish I was that patient in all aspects of my life, but that is simply not the truth. I struggle with parenting with patience. Please don't look to me as the picture of a patient parent because I am about to burst your bubble. In order to keep it all the way real with you and be as transparent as possible I'd like to share with you the things that make me lose it.

I really love spending more time at home with my girls. Part time has been a prayer and dream come true. But this has also shined a bright light on the patience that I need for the days that I'm home. Noelle is a very smart girl and like most children she knows how to test her limits with me, especially in public. I am so use to Noelle in the bathroom with me that it really doesn't require any patience from me, hence my laughter and exchange with her in the video. But oh does she know how to test me.....let me count the ways I need more patience.

1. At dinner time
Noelle eats like a snail!!! She will take one bite every 5 minutes, making dinner time 800 times longer than it has to be. After the food has been out for a couple hours and it's time to go to bed. As soon as I put her plate in the trash she begins to cry and tell us how hungry she is. It kills me every time!!!

2. She STILL refuses to poop in the potty
Lord Jesus, this has to be the most annoying thing in life!! We've tried talking to her about it, bribing her with toys, threatening punishment and nothing seems to work. We are open to ANY suggestions you may have by the way! We've joked that she can't be a internet star and still poop in her pants!!

3. Refusing naps
This doesn't happen very often but oh when it does!

4. Screaming and running in the house
She seems to do this every night around the same time and I am guilty of losing my cool almost every time, although I know it's coming. I'm not sure if anyone else experiences this but it's like she has to get all of her energy out before bedtime and she chooses to scream and run up and down the living area.

5. Talking back
She HAS to have the last word and it drives me crazy! How is this already happening? I have tried to explain to her that when mommy says "no more words" that's it, she should not say anything else. But it hasn't clicked or she just refuses. When I tell her not to do something, she has to respond with what it was she was doing. "I was just....." or "I'm trying to....". Lord help me!!

These are only some of the constant struggles for me. I have heard that I will miss these days. But for right now, I am praying my way through them. She is a joy to parent and also a headache, but I wouldn't trade her for the most well behaved child in the world.

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