Thursday, March 16, 2017

Lo's 6 Month Update

Happy HALF Birthday!!!!!

I was so NOT ready for this!! Six months of this sweet sweet darling. She has found her voice and when she's in the mood she lets it be heard. She is itching to get down on the ground and explore her surroundings. Sitting up on her own and grabbing any and everything within her reach. She is such a light and it is a wonder how we did without her. Seeing Noelle be a big sister and my handsome man love on another baby has been so amazing to watch!

We've started food and so far she really likes sweet potatoes and bananas but not a fan of avocado, but we'll keep trying because mommy loves the green stuff. But I think her feet are preferred over all else. Her eyes are mesmerizing and her smile is contagious (as well as her pink eye and never ending cold/Bronchiolitis).


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